All photos are © Charles D. Provan

The experimental box
Floor area: 21''x21''
Height from floor to open top: 60.5''
Glass panel on right, open end in front

Provan with a ruler, demonstrating the width

Above: the children in the experiment, from left to right: Nathanael (8), Susanna (6), Tobias (4), Tabitha (2); Susanna holds the baby doll.

The adults: Evelyn Nagy (77), T.D. (27), T.J. (34)

View from front of box, looking through the open end. On left is T.J.; middle is Nathanael; lower right, Tobias; hand sticking out is Susanna, who is behind T.D. At this point all 8 persons are in the box.

View from right side of box, looking through the glass window. Adult in white shirt is T.J.; Tabitha is lower right; Tobias slightly hunched over in lower right. All 8 persons are in the box in this picture.

View from top right. T.D. in upper left of picture; Evelyn Nagy in upper right; T.J. in lower right; baby doll head and shoulder visible in middle; top of Nathanael's head slightly visible in lower left. All 8 are in the box in this picture.